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About Us

We believe people in Australia want quality, custom embroidery, without the big price tag. When our parent company, Think Promotional 1 , started to receive lot of orders for custom embroidered apparel, we decided to step up to the plate. We wanted to provide the best product and the best possible service to people in Australia. And we knew we needed a specialised team to do this. And so, Think Embroidery was born!


Our vision is simple – we want to provide quality apparel to people and businesses all over Australia. And, we want to be a business that truly understands and satisfies your branded and promotional needs. 


We provide you with top quality branded merchandise, on time, and at competitive prices. This is our mission, and we are proud to say that we fulfill it every day.

For more information about Think Embroidery or Think Promotional, please contact our offices 2 in Perth or Melbourne. You can also email us any time.

Emilia Musgrave

Emilia Musgrave

Corporate Account Manager
A founding member of Think Promotional, Emilia is passionate about this business and what it stands for. Emilia works closely with corporate and government agencies to provide low cost merchandising opportunities and creative solutions, whilst delivering a high quality product, on time… no excuses. 
"I believe wholeheartedly in customer service. Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. At Think Promotional / Think Embroidery, I thrive on going that extra mile for my clients making sure they are taken care of before, during, and after any sale."
Perth Office: (08) 9480 0448 

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