What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is one of the oldest forms of decorating apparel where a design or logo is stitched into the garment either by hand or by a machine. Here at Think Embroidery & Print, our team has the ability of mass producing large volumes of embroidered garments at very high speed. Embroidery is the most common branding process for corporate and work wear as it has a more professional finish and the garments are more suited for an embroidered logo. It is virtually the only branding process that suits almost all garments and materials. Before we are able to embroider logos or designs onto the garments, the logo has to be digitised so that its compatible on our machines. The digitising process is also known as the "backbone" of embroidery. If the logo is not correctly digitised, this will show during the embroidery process. Our team will take your logo and convert it into a stitch file ready for embroidery - factors such as type of garment, fabric, colours are all considered when creating a digitised file of a logo. Once this step is complete its ready to load the garments and start embroidering!

Pros of Embroidery:

Printing No minimum orders

Premium finish on all garments and apparel

Ability to brand a large range of garments and materials

Cons of Embroidery:

Unable to mimic shading or gradients in logos or very fine details

Initial high set up fees for digitising logos - this is however a 1 time fee

Unable to match pantone colours

Embroidery Samples


Embroidery FAQS

How much does embroidery cost?

Final cost depends on the number of stitches in your artwork. For a free quote, email your artwork and order size to sales@thinkembroidery.com.au

Will you digitize my design?

We have a full time graphics design team that are specialised in digitising logos for embroidery.

Do you have a minimum quantity order?

We dont have a minimum order however we do find orders of 12 are more cost effective.

What is your turn around on your bulk orders.

Turnaround time is currently 5- 10 working days from artwork approval and payment of orders.

What if my logo is already digitized?

Great! You have saved yourself a digitised fee. please make sure the file is either a .dst or .emb FILE ONLY. If the file is not correctly set up, our team will have to re digitise it.

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